fitting beams

Over a long period of time finally we had a nice weather today, so I headed out with 2 friends & Itatae to measure fixing block locations for beams.

She looks cute ain’t she 🙂


half a boat


Starboard hull waiting for some sanding and then paint job and off you go… (… I need to figure out how to configure jib sheet block attachment and main hatch locking system, though…)

tomcat gets acquaint with the cat

Well, first of all, as the saying goes…you ought to measure 7 times and then cut
f@£%!&ck, all the measures are in imperial units doubled with metric system!! it freaks out my inner dyslectic

Oh Sheit, here comes the X!

Anyway, at least I got 50 kg of EPOXY if anything goes wrong….

Ah well, it feels good to cut out the puzzle pieces… finally…

But its not only the double measures presented in imperial and metric units that mess up my mind… seems that we here in continental Europe have a slightly different concept about length of the 8′ standard plywood sheet as well… a 65mm difference… have to use my brain again 🙁 (Wharram have set some of the Tiki broadside measures using plywood length as a base).


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