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It was in the garage of friends, in May 2015 when I plunged into sailboat building project. I went for James Wharram Tiki 21 catamaran design, which I hoped to finish with three months, but it took 3 years instead: blog. While hands monotonously stroke with sandpaper, I found myself contemplating over past trips to the Mediterranean. A startling paradox formed from the observations regarding the plastic pollution: although public beaches appear to be in a decent condition, there are numerous remote, idyllic coves littered with plastic waste.
That lead me thinking that public perception about marine litter may be considerably impaired – a vast majority of tourists, locals as well, spend their vacation on easily accessible beaches and they will evaluate the situation according to that.

Then it struck me that the same catamaran I was building could be a suitable vessel to explore those remote coves. The Tiki 21, with her shallow draft and lightweight hull could be capable of sailing into distant small beaches, otherwise hard to access by land. It would be possible to anchor Tiki on the knee deep water and wander off to land for shooting a video reportage about the marine litter in this particular cove. Then collect the trash, store it on the relatively spacious deck of Tiki and head to nearest village, where the waste could be disposed properly. This coastal hopping trip should go for a couple of weeks, I was wandering. Furthermore, why not to have all sorts of guests on board, environmentalists, scientists, concerned tourists, politicians and entrepreneurs who would like to make some change – they all could enjoy sailing with hand crafted catamaran, clean up remote beaches and shed some light on the issue of marine pollution.

If everything works out, the great adventure of Tiki Itatae should be starting in the beginning of this September – Itatae will be transported by land to the coast of Adriatic sea. At which point we will continue under sail along the Dalmatian coast to SE direction, hopping from island to island, cove to cove, while collecting the litter and documenting the scenery, producing video reportages for news portals and blog posts into Itatae’s web page.

On 15th September Tiki Itatae & crew would like to celebrate World Cleanup Day along with global village.

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